Travel Portal Development Case Study

Case Study for well-known travel and tourism company to Boost their sales by 40%


About Company

Next Logix Tourism, being one of the leading transportation and logistics business in India since the year 1990 went through a series of revolution in the business. From delivering consumer goods across the country, the company has also realized the potential profit from providing transportation services to the travellers themselves. Thus, in year 2000, the management and workers collaborated to add the travel and tours services in their business.

The new business line boomed and was later on enhanced through the use of the information technology. The company always wanted to fully optimize what the technology has to offer and so, they approached Web Portal Development Company to fully assist them the creation of a fully functional Travel Portal development.

The Challenge and the Requirements

Next Logix Tourism was caught up in the middle of a stiff competition in the travel and tours industry. Thus, they defined their needs on travel solutions that is capable to do the following:

  • Streamlining of business process
  • Capturing of business data into an automated system
  • Effective selling and marketing techniques
  • Close coordination with partners in the travel and tours industry

After some series of deliberation with us, we were able to clearly define the expectations between Next Logix Tourism and Web Portal Development Company. Thus, we effectively provided them with the travel solutions that their business needed in their travel portal.

The Solutions:

Web Portal Development Company designed the travel portal for Next Logix Tourism that is capable in generating the booking process requirements of the business. In order to expedite the selling and marketing promotions of this company, we integrated linkages of the travel portal into the top most popular social media sites and search engines.

Furthermore, we developed the travel portal in a way that it could cater both the business to business (B2B) and business to consumers (B2C) processes of the company. This was done in a manner that the processes are simplified and accurately captured at the back-end part of the system.

Among the specific features that were integrated into the portal include:

The Results

With the partnership that Next Logix Tourism had with us, the company was able to enlist the following improvements in their business since the travel portal was fully deployed against the previous year:

  • Additional 58% regular customers in the database list
  • Increased website traffic by 59%
  • Increased sales revenue
  • Higher efficiency rate for marketing campaigns
  • Reduced operational cost by 15%
  • Timeliness in the delivery of travel booking services

Indeed, Web Portal Development Company was able to help the company in their path towards continuous improvement. If you want to know more about our services, get in touch with us now through our provided contact details.

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