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With today’s technology, people are given the opportunity to learn through various media online. Both education and academic institutions and private companies from different industries have seen the benefit of making use of an online portal for training and e-learning system.

As we continuously provide more enhanced training portals for our multiple clients, we also develop them with assurance on quality on the details of the features. This is done through the brilliant minds of our team of web developers and designers. Before you can experience the quality of these people’s work, your company or organization will get to experience first the smart ideas of our highly-respected training portal development consultants. We do this in order for you to set the effective requirements for the training portal and make the online learning experience for your people or clients to become convenient for them. From the development of the training modules and courses up to the implementation of these learning materials and the proper evaluation process for both the trainees and the trainers, the training web portal will be readily usable for the users.

Contact us and let’s discuss more the benefits of outsourcing a training portal development through us. You will definitely get the most out from the affordable package price that we offer.

We Offer Training Portal Development Services:

  • Training Portal Design
  • Training Portal Development
  • Training Portal Migration
  • Training Portal Management
  • Training Portal Modernization
  • Revamp existing Training Portal
  • Training Mobile App (IOS & Android)
  • Training Portal Testing
  • Training Portal Maintenance
  • Training Portal SEO
  • Enterprise Training Portal Solutions

Training Portal Development Features:

Putting a training process online poses a bit of a challenge with the absence of physical contact between the instructor and the trainees. Thus, an effective training portal development process should be able to offer to clients the following essential features:

User-Friendly Portal:

  • Simplicity and optimal functionality must be achieved. In this way, a business can advertising its branding with the right logo and colors in the user-interface without overdoing it through the assistance of the web designers who are experts in designing a clean interface.

Refresher Modules:

  • Regardless of the level of learning that trainees have already reached, providing a refresher module would still be of much help. This will guide them on the concepts that they already learned and on taking a glimpse of the progress that they’re making.

Industry-specific Scenarios:

  • A web developer should have the capacity to create a training portal that could provide case studies and scenarios that are generally known as well as those which are tailor-fitted for a specific industry. On the latter part, it would require a thorough simulation and immersion into an industry’s business processes, which is what our people are willing to do.

Interactive Exercises and Games Module:

  • The learning process need not to be confined in reading texts or watching lecture videos. Integrating interactive exercises and activities will turn a training portal more saleable because of the audience engagement level that it offers to the users.

Email Notifications Module:

  • For every completed course or module, group forum discussions, activity and exercises deadlines, notifying the trainees on what tasks await them would be of much help for them to efficiently progress in the training process.

Flexible Subscription Module:

  • We offer a wide option of flexible and customizable subscriptions that would best suit a company’s needs.

Why Choose Us for Training Portal Development:

  • We have 9+ Years of Training Portal Development Experience
  • Best in-class Quality Standard
  • Highly Experienced Developers
  • Successful ratio in delivering Training Portal Development
  • Dedicated Team for each Project
  • 24/7 World-class Customer Support
  • 100% Confidentiality and Security
  • 99.9% Accuracy Rate on each Project.
  • Competitive Pricing Structure
  • Word-class Quality Process
  • Best Track Record in Training Portal Development
  • We will provide you suggestion
  • Long-lasting Relationship with Clients

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