Our Project Development Methodology

Our Project Development Methodology

A lot of people have been asking how we come up with ideas on their projects. This is our methodology.

1: Brainstorming and Analysis

Since our clients came from different industries, we aim to anchor the design and interface of the website to match their business. First, we discuss with our clients about vision of the portal/application, what theme they like, and the features they want to put in. Everything is in details. We also have ideas on our own, and we pitch those ideas. We brainstorm with our client until we come up with the final idea.

2: Finalize the Scope

Once the idea and vision of the portal is done, we then finalize the scope of the project. Every detail like the time-frame, the cost, desired technology and number of developers are decided. Our team will then negotiate about the scope and price of the project.

3: Planning

Once the contract has been signed, the project is assigned to designated developers who are experts in that area. The Project Manager will lead the project.

4: Design and Development

At this stage, we are ready to start on the design. Once the design is done, we send mock-ups to our clients for approval and changes. we will start development for each phase.

5: Testing and Launching

After the development is done, our QA team will test the project. Quality testing is done so the best version of the portal can be ready in the server. Once this phase is done, the project is now ready to launch.

6: Support and Maintenance

Our team won’t leave you once the project is done. We offer a support and maintenance as per your business requirement.