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We offer robust and scalable Price comparison portal with advance technology. We help organizations developing custom price comparison portals with API integration and deliver powerful portal.


The e-commerce industry has been experiencing higher demands from their customers. Almost all transactions can now be done online, so customers use this opportunity to get the best deals and promos they can get. The problem is; there are lots of merchants out there. Even in one location, you can find hundreds of online sellers that specialize in similar business.

A price comparison portal is the answer to this dilemma. We can develop a portal where customers can compare the prices from different sellers. When the customers registers in this portal to browse or buy something from a site, the sellers will pay every time a user does an action.

With this portal, the customers can search for a lot of options available to them. It means they can compare what’s the best product. It can help a lot of business to grow by clicking on their links and buying their products.

The customers are also updated about the upcoming goods and services. They can get all the information they are looking for and compare the prices on other sellers. They will be able to get the best deals and promos and help the business to thrive at the same time. your one stop destination for price comparison portal development solutions.

Our Price Comparison Portal Development Services:

  • Advanced & Creative Price Comparison Portal Design
  • Price Comparison Portal Development with standard coding level
  • Standard Price Comparison Portal Migration with smooth process with complete data
  • Price Comparison Portal Management by our experienced Professionals
  • Price Comparison Portal Modernization by our development experts
  • Re-Design your existing Price Comparison Portal with trendy features
  • Price Comparison Mobile App (IOS & Android) with Standard features
  • Price Comparison Portal Testing by our expert QA specialist
  • We provide Smooth Price Comparison Portal Maintenance  and Technical Support
  • Price Comparison Portal SEO / Digital Marketing for branding and increase sales
  • Enterprise Price Comparison Portal Solutions as per your Demand.


Price Comparison Portal Development Features:

Admin Panel:

ADMIN PANEL will serve as a tool to ensure dynamics in a price comparison portal. This feature must be enhanced in such a way that it contains these:

Dashboard Management:

  • Checking of incoming orders and all their status can be done with reliable analysis in each process in the online trade.

User Management:

  • The list of Users and their profiles will be made available in this feature where the Administrator have the authority to store, delete, edit accounts and notify users on any progress in the business.

Product Management:

  • This valuable feature will allow the upload, editing, deletion and update of product information such as prices and displays.

Service Module:

  • What the portal can do for service to their Users will be managed in this module. This includes the product listings, promotional offers, delivery services and other related services.

Notification Module:

  • How the feedback system about every transaction made such as payment confirmation and delivery status will be done through notification media such as SMS, MMS, email and the like will be handled in this module.

Report Management:

  • The reports pertaining to purchases and how the data will be managed are all in control by the administrator within this feature.

User Panel:

USER PANEL feature must be presented in a Price Comparison Portal with the assurance that it could give convenience of use to the users. This feature should have sub-functional features such as:

Sign-up/Login :

  • An essential part of a portal, whether in website or application, where users can iterate their identity or link their profile to their active social network or email accounts.

Social Media:

  • This is a very vital feature where products’ price comparison can be browsed through social media ads and a venue where users can share their reviews.

Account Verification :

  • To keep one’s account secure, this feature will function through sending of verification codes to the users’ other contact details for every transaction made

Product Browse & Listing:

  • The convenience of browsing a shopping app must be achieved where product filtering and product listing, including price details, is possible to do.

Save Product:

  • In this feature, the user will have the control over choosing multiple products to view, with their product details as easy to save even after series of browsing of other products from different categories.

Product Selection:

  • Choosing the product to purchase can be executed in this feature where the full details on products’ quality, price and specifications serve as guided for finalizing the purchase.

Order History:

  • Every transaction made by the shopper will be made available through this feature.

Retailer Panel:

RETAILER PANEL will then be used by the Sellers themselves and this feature must contain the information that will provide advantage to their business transactions, including functions such as:

Product feeds Submission:

  • Filtering of product list submitted by Retailers to admin will be done in this feature for a more effective selling and marketing.

Selected File and Submission:

  • This provides Retailers the option on how their product list will appear for submission to the Administrator. In most cases, CSV format is used.

Bulk upload & Edit:

  • For a more convenient product update, this feature will allow editing a number of product information in one process.

Order Tracking:

  • Retailers need to provide their buyers the status of orders, from payment t delivery and reviews. This feature will be the venue for monitoring order statuses.

Other Advance Features:

ADVANCED FEATURES should also be available for the efficiency of the price comparison portal’s operation. This generally includes:

Notification Feature:

  • This allows the promotion of the application to every online user, including the updates on what’s new about the application.

Advance Video Descriptions:

  • One of the most effective product promotion tools is through videos with attention-grabbing descriptions on them. This should be made available in order to effectively reach shoppers and users in an e-commerce setting

Editorial Review Feature:

  • This feature will control on how reviews over a certain product will be populated so that it will come in moderation but with advantages on the product and services offered by the sellers.


  • This is a very useful method for consumers, sellers and site visitors to communicate their concerns and suggestions to the administrator. This will also give the impression that every user is being heard.

Social Media Integration & Trending Product:

  • Get to provide the users with the latest and the most wanted products and highly in-demand ones. This is made possible as well through the integration of social media in the web portal so that it will turn out to be more engaging.

Product Scanning:

  • Through QR codes, product details are readily available for access. Thus, price comparison and even about other specs will be made easier through this feature.

Advance Blog:

  • Another effective marketing tool is through integrating blogs in the app for publicity and additional source of product details, deals and reviews. It is often through this feature where buyers get dealers details.

Location Tracking Feature:

  • Being accurate in location will result to a right estimation of product delivery period, lead time and other service analysis needed in the business.

Real Time Analytics:

  • Another function that is used to expedite communication process, analysis and decision making is done through these features. Cloud allows storage and transfer of large data.


  • Authentication is made easy and highly reliable through this feature.

Why Choose Us for Price Comparison Portal Development:

  • 11+ Years of Portal Development Experience
  • High Level of Quality Standard
  • Highly Skilled Team
  • In-Depth Knowledge in Portal Development
  • Dedicated Team for Portal Development
  • We Deliver Creative Ideas
  • We Deliver What We Say
  • 24/7 Customer Centric Support
  • 100% Security and Confidentiality
  • 99.9% Accuracy Rate on Work
  • Best Pricing Level
  • Quick Processing Time
  • Excellent Track Record in Portal Development
  • We Tailor Our Services to the Specific Needs
  • We Bring Excellent Results to our Clients
  • Our Aim – Long-Term Business Relationship

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