News Portal Development Case Study

Case Study for well-known News Company to Boost their traffic by 30%


About Company

For many years, The Crazy Thinkers had been publishing news papers in hard copies in thousands to be able to disseminate the information on current events across the country of India. The process of transporting the papers would cost them millions in a year so that news will reach the readers fresh and fast. But with the advance technology today, the company recognized their need to utilize the online means to publish news. Indeed, they were able to venture into online news publication but a great evolution in the business has to happen.

The Needs

The requirements set by The Crazy Thinkers were the integration of advance features to update the basic news portal development that they then had. The features such as the ones listed below must be available:

  • More engaging website with additional graphical images and videos more than texts
  • Capacity to capture the newest news and the most trending trends
  • More interactive news portal that could accommodate readers’ opinions and discussions

The Analysis Solutions:

Having identified the client’s needs, we figured out that what they need is exactly what we can offer as today’s leading IT-solutions provider. Our team of web designers integrated series of improvements on The Crazy Thinkers news portal such as the enhancement of multimedia management capacity, quick page loading through effective CSS layout and customization of news features. Added to these, the administrator panel was integrated with the simplified content management system for faster browsing and control.

New additional features in the news portal include:

  • Responsive News Portal
  • Trendy Design
  • Highlighting of breaking news with HD photo and video gallery
  • Advertising space for marketing and sales section
  • Additional module for readers’ forums
  • Digital Marketing
  • Maintenance & Support

The Effect to the Business

The integration of the necessary enhancements on the news portal enabled the company to expedite their delivery and sending of news to the readers. It was reiterated that the site visits being logged daily has increased to 79% compared to the old version of the news portal. Interestingly, the forums and discussions became easily manageable by the administrator with 99% efficiency rate.

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