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A knowledge portal is an online hub for getting access to organized knowledge, research papers, raw data, expert opinions, case studies and other forms of knowledge. The main visitors of such sites are students, researchers, employees and other working professionals, planners and decision makers or any other learning aspirants who seek knowledge about a particular topic. Knowledge portals should have a good content management system with proper categorization of information. For the users, the site should have easy search options while for the admin updating and classifying data should be a simplified task. we understand the requirement of the client and offers appropriate knowledge portal development solutions with advanced features for multimedia content, online tutorials, active learning, discussion forums, blogs and other extensions for good audience engagement. We can also integrate e-commerce extensions into your site for offering purchase options for certain documents.

The strategic thinkers develops knowledge portals with easy navigation to give a delightful experience to the visitors. Our commitment towards giving our one hundred percent efforts is what makes us the best in portal development!

We Offer Knowledge Portal Development Services:

  • Professional Knowledge Portal Design
  • Knowledge Portal Development with standard Coding
  • Knowledge Portal Migration Solutions
  • Knowledge Portal Management by our expert team
  • Knowledge Portal Modernization services
  • Revamp your existing Knowledge Portal with latest features
  • Top Level Knowledge Mobile App (IOS & Android) Development
  • Knowledge Portal Testing by our Experienced QA Engineers
  • Knowledge Portal Maintenance and Technical Support
  • Knowledge Portal SEO Services to get more traffic and Revenue
  • Enterprise Knowledge Portal Solutions

Knowledge Portal Development Features:

Every need of an organization would require people knowledge. With the use of knowledge portal, managing the information in the business system will be made more efficient through these features:

Document Management System:

  • Being able to pass on the relevant information or knowledge from one process to another would aid the organization in achieving a number of improvements in their business.

Network Environment & Front-end:

  • Creating a network environment for various users in the organization will be done to optimize the operation of the front end tool among all business departments.

Authors/Contributors Module:

  • Sharing of ideas on innovation and best practices would often require a robust feature. This function will be enabled to have a thorough approval process of each contributed input prior deployment to the front end aspect.

Document Versioning:

  • Documents need to be updated from time to time. In this feature, the administrator will have the capacity to assign document versions and tag a certain document as active, inactive, for archive, obsolete, etc. Keeping control in the records will avoid confusion.

Category and Subcategory Module:

  • Managing the data categories will be done with efficiency through an effective document indexing system.

User Feedback System:

  • Continuous improvement in the knowledge portal is achievable only through an open user feedback system that would allow posting of concerns and issues that need to be discussed for further development of the portal.

User Rating Module:

  • Users will be given the power to assess the portals’ performance and the business processes therein through a scaling and rating system set by the organization.

Advanced Search Module:

  • Optimal in the search function will be installed so as to aid users, contributors, administrators, members and guests in the use of the portal. Efficient linkages of keywords to relevant search results is the ultimate goal for this feature.

Last Login Detail of Users:

  • All users will be kept up-to-date on the items they missed while away or not logged in. In this way, the passing process of the knowledge will become more achievable. This is done by allowing the system to have the capacity to record and analyze log-in details of the users.

Tell a Friend Module:

  • Recommending a certain link, item or article in the portal for usefulness by other entity in the business is viable through this feature. Also, every user can tag a link as their favorites and share them to other users.

Bookmark Module:

  • For the purpose of retrieving certain document, the bookmarking feature will be integrated in the portal. In this way, a certain URL will be made accessible anytime in the process of using the knowledge portal.

Author’s report Module:

  • Every author will have the database of feedback from other users on how they see a certain document in their perspective. In this way, the author will get to assess if updating or revision of document is necessary.

Email Alert Module:

  • All users will have the capacity to receive and send messages through built-in email alert feature. In this way, easy prompting for forums, discussions and deliberations is possible.

Why Choose Us for Knowledge Portal Development:

  • 11+ Years of Portal Development Experience
  • High Level of Quality Standard
  • Highly Skilled Team
  • In-Depth Knowledge in Portal Development
  • Dedicated Team for Portal Development
  • We Deliver Creative Ideas
  • We Deliver What We Say
  • 24/7 Customer Centric Support
  • 100% Security and Confidentiality
  • 99.9% Accuracy Rate on Work
  • Best Pricing Level
  • Quick Processing Time
  • Excellent Track Record in Portal Development
  • We Tailor Our Services to the Specific Needs
  • We Bring Excellent Results to our Clients
  • Our Aim – Long-Term Business Relationship

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Our Case Studies for Beautiful portal design, development, customization, maintenance and SEO services with unique strategy to brought results to the clients.

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