Flight Booking Portal Development Case Study

Case Study for well-known Gems Travel Agency for flight booking system to Boost their sales by 30%


About Company

Airline reservation is becoming easier to do today but for Gems Travel Agency, being a company that maintains a wide flight booking system since year 2003, the challenge of keeping up with the competition made them realized that it’s time for their business to do some upgrade on their system.

The Company Requirements:

Gems Travel Agency saw the need to reward their regular clients with the loyalty perks that they deserve but it seems like their former flight booking system was not able to effectively collect the necessary data for the process. Having this as a prompt to upgrade their flight booking portal, they approached the people from us to do the task. The discussion went thorough and they were able to identify other needs such that the capacity of the system to:

  • Flight Booking E-ticketing solutions
  • Manage data and logs effectively
  • Process flight booking reports efficiently
  • Provide registration module for membership
  • Maintain member profiles and guest transaction history
  • Manage any bookings done by the clients

Action Taken:

To provide the company with the necessary upgrades that were identified, our data analysts and web developers deliberately installed features for a fully functional and robust flight booking portal development. The process of the development includes:

  • Data migration and encoding from the old system
  • Data management and indexing of information
  • Installation of a module that could generate reports, especially on customer information
  • Integration of user registration, log-in and profile management
  • Enabling an automatic sending of notification to members on flight promotions

Features We Delivered

As per the client requirement we are capable to complex flight booking features as following

  • One-Way & Return Flight Search Functionality
  • Single Signup Functionality
  • Checkout as a Guest or registered User
  • Modify Search Functionality
  • Filter by Price Low to High and High to Low
  • Discount Code Functionality
  • Custom Payment Gateways Functionality
  • Filter by Flight Type and Airlines
  • Weather Information for destination city
  • Auto Reminders for travel date
  • Subscription Functionality
  • Seat Preference Functionality
  • Cross Sell Functionality
  • Auto Invoicing Functionality
  • Multi City Flight Search Functionality
  • Flexi Fares for Flights Functionality
  • Fare Rules Functionality
  • Airline Matrix Functionality
  • Advance Price Filters Functionality
  • Meal Preference Facility

The Result:

Gems Travel Agency was never doubtful about our capacity to provide them with the necessary IT solutions for the enhancement of their flight booking system. As soon as the upgraded version was deployed online, the company monitored their sales performance and determined that there was a significant increase of 78% in the company’s sale revenue versus previous year. Moreover, the increase in sales was observed to come from the increased number of flight bookings done online by the members and guests.

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