Car Rental/Hire Portal Development

Car Rental / Hire Portal Development Services

Nowadays, it’s super easy to book a taxi, limo, bus, cars and other types of vehicles. With the advent of technology, customers can access car rental services through portals and car booking apps. Because there’s an increase in demand, competition is also tough. As a business owner who specializes in car rental, you have to step up your game.
One of the ways you can decrease your costs and increase your sales is to offer your customers the opportunity to reserve their vehicles online. People prefer to book their trips online because of its accessibility. Our aim to give your customers the same kind of experience.

Our team of professionals will help you with the development of your car rental portal. We provide you with software that has automated rate calculations. There is also a confirmation form that appears on the screen regarding your customer’s special requests. We also provide you with a panel where you can manage all the vehicles and rates; manage confirmations and bookings and manage suppliers. All these data will give you an accuracy of all your transactions. Once you have your portal, you can also generate customer invoices, duty slip and other reports.

We Offer Car Rental Portal Development Services:

  • Car Rental Portal Design
  • Car Rental Portal Development
  • Car Rental Portal Migration
  • Car Rental Portal Management
  • Car Rental Portal Modernization
  • Revamp existing Car Rental Portal
  • Car Rental Mobile App (IOS & Android)
  • Car Rental Portal Testing
  • Car Rental Portal Maintenance
  • Car Rental Portal SEO
  • Enterprise Car Rental Portal Solutions

Car Rental Portal Features:

    • CAR MANAGEMENT FEATURES: Car rental need not to be a bloody business for stakeholders through the functionalities of car rental features.
    • Car Categorization: Set no limits to the cars available for rental through the right categorization that will match the need of renters.
    • Car inventory: Register car details and know the status of each vehicle, whether rented, available or for maintenance, etc.
    • Car accessories and customization management: Let the renters feel that their preference is being valued by offering these features.
    • RENT-A-CAR BOOKING AUTOMATION: Make it more convenient for employees and renters to make a deal through an automated booking feature:
    • Duration: Rental duration will define the right deal for booking length and time slot.
    • Terms and conditions: Terms and conditions will secure both the users and the car owners of their respective rights
    • Pick up and returns: Pick up and returns has to be defined, especially on the location, to avoid mismanagement of the rental booking
    • Notification: Email and SMS notification will definitely enhance the responsiveness of car owners towards the clients.
    • RESERVATION MANAGEMENT: This feature will definitely allow efficiency of booking for both the customers and the car owners.
    • Filter reservations feature: Filter reservations will set the parameters as to when to add, edit and delete reservations.
    • Reservation management: Reservation management will allow fast searching and effective tagging of reservations according to the renters’ details, car details, time and date, etc.
    • Status: Reservation status control sets the right status tag for a reservation
    • COLLECT PAYMENTS: Further adding convenience to clients through a wide option of payment will let a company bag a huge revenue from car rental business.
    • Payments: Online and offline payments gives a car portal the capacity to provide ease to the users.
    • Legal Cost: Integration of legal costs such as tax and insurance will be laid down as clearly as possible
    • Payment rules: Payment rules can be determined by the system according to the set-up defined by the users.
    • HIGH PERFORMANCE AND FLEXIBILITY: Featuring the desirable attributes of a car rental business is made possible through the portal’s capacity to perform with high speed and large data storage capacity.
    • LICENCE, INSTALLATION AND INTEGRATION AND SYSTEM SETTINGS: Defining the appropriate portal program for a car rental business will ensure efficiency of use of the system.
    • Multi language: Multi language support opens the opportunity for car rental businesses to engage into the global market.
    • Admin and User roles: Admin and User roles will define the limitations and level of accessibility of people who are using the portal.
    • Backup: System backup will be made possible in an advanced system settings set-up.
    • Licensing: Licensing of the developed portal can be defined according to the preferred parameters of the client while software updates can be made available according to plan availed.

Why Choose Us for Car Rental Portal Development:

  • We have 8+ Years of Car Rental Portal Development Experience
  • Best in-class Quality Standard
  • Highly Experienced Developers
  • Successful ratio in delivering Car Rental Portal Development
  • Dedicated Team for each Project
  • 24/7 World-class Customer Support
  • 100% Confidentiality and Security
  • 99.9% Accuracy Rate on each Project.
  • Competitive Pricing Structure
  • Word-class Quality Process
  • Best Track Record in Car Rental Portal Development
  • We will provide you suggestion
  • Long-lasting Relationship with Clients

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