Learning Portal Development The What Why and How

Luckily, the same is available for web portals but for training websites, it could be a little bit of a challenge as your business deal with people. Branding your business is important in relating message to consumers on what your company could offer and how effective could you deliver. Through logos and letterheads, companies can already communicate to the consumers.

To white-label means to out branding into the business through logo, color codes, etc. The benefit of having a white-label approach in Leaning portal is to be able to accomplish these:

  1. Corporate branding: This is the ultimate objective of white-labeling process. Whether a training portal is exclusively for internal personnel or for public offering, a branding could say a lot about the company’s identity. With the white-labeling service that we offer, we can take advantage of the capacity of the web to display credits for every pages and for the company itself.
  2. Customized learning: There is huge room to have a personal touch in the training portal. As we develop training portals, we always extract the unique attribute of our clients so that we can effectively integrate them into their website or applications.
  3. Market recognition: It is true that even on training portals, marketing is also essential. So, with the white-labeling services that we offer, we ensure that your website will stand out from the rest as we unveil its business’ unique feature. More so, this could increase customer loyalty and boost the business’ reputation.
  4. Value-added functions: Every feature that has to be added into the training portal will be integrated with the branding of the company but without compromising the functionality of the features. This will give the business the advantage of being known by the clients on top of it all. Features may include, training module creation, training support, client feedback, etc.
  5. Full sense of ownership: Some companies wanted to hide vendor ties when deploying training portals in order to stay unbiased and objective on the succeeding years in the business. Through white-labeling, companies can take on the details of the training portal’s design, logo, color scheme, etc.

How can you white-label your Learning Management System portal?

To succeed in getting the right learning portal functioning in a white-label mode, you must get on with the following tips:

  • Turn domain names into your own version
  • Put up a customized logo
  • Use a unique training portal theme, specifically designed for your LMS
  • Customize the user interface language and messages
  • Strategically design the homepage layout
  • Have more links and pages in the content
  • Make use of your own email address for updates and notices
  • Integrate as many customized feature and designs as possible
  • Make it compatible for mobile applications with Android or iOS

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