Global Trends to Watch Out for by Travel Agents

People running behind a successful travel company could testify that putting attention on data helped them hit their targets while providing updated services to travelers. As these are today’s global trends, it is understandable that the world is continually revolving while preferences are also evolving. Thus, travel agents must keep themselves updated to the trends that would change the way their customers think.

Marketing is not just about selling. A look at the global trends and deep analysis on its effect towards driving customers to the business are essential for the marketing process. Thus, In order for travel agents to come up with a customer-driven travel offers, these 10 global trends are worth a read to truly fulfill the demands of their clients and their prospective travel customers.

  1. Data, Data and Data

Let’s admit it, gathering almost all types of data today is already accessible online or rather, can be easily generated through analytics programming. With billions and billions of data extracted and created each day, travel agents could determine the personality, preference, needs and wants of the travel consumer. From there, they can establish the right set travel services to provide and offer a travel and tour package that seems like custom-fit to each client.


  1. Get Techie!

People are getting so hyped with technological updates. Consider that every techie person is also a traveler, it would help best for travel companies to invest on travel portal development and Travel mobile App Development where this kind of customer could efficiently access and avail the services offered by the travel agency.

Downloadable mobile apps and the use of travel portals enabled businesses to provide a convenient way for their customers to book flights, check-in, pay for hotel accommodation online, etc. Thus, the services that are accessible anytime and anywhere resulted to increase of sales.

  1. Simulation Runs

We have reached the point where mere words for marketing are no longer enough to invite travelers to buy-in the services. Making use of the virtual and augmented reality approach will not just convince travel consumers to avail of a tour package but it will give them the thrill of experiencing the travel adventure that awaits them. Simulation runs through virtual reality apps will definitely call in more customers to check out what is in store for them.

  1. Disruptors and Innovators are no threats!

Old traditional thinking would lead businesses to die if they refuse to evolve with the situations that could disrupt their business. Instead of taking these innovators and disruptors such as Uber, MyTaxi, AirBnB, etc., as threats, travel business may look at them as opportunities to improve the state of their business by offering a more appealing package to travelers. In continually doing this, you will one day be your own innovator and disruptor.

  1. Business and Leisure are never Different

Providing all kinds of luxurious services to travelers, whether they travel for business or vacation, will let a travel business do away with difference of business and leisure. Let’s face it, business travelers are more stressed than those who are traveling for a vacation. As a travel agency, putting upgrades and leisurely services for these travelers will certainly lessen the businessmen’s pressure and stress. In doing so, business travel packages had been redefined into a more saleable and appealing one for consumers.

  1. Security is Number One

Traveling to a foreign place poses threats as well. These threats may come from terroristic acts, culture differences, law deviations, etc. For travel agencies to come up with a much preferred disposition for travelers, these potential travel dangers must be highly considered to come up with effective measures to ensure the safety of travelers. Services such as traveler-tracking, risks and threats notifications, crisis management reminders and others could boost up the confidence of travelers to rely on a company that offers this kind of treatment to their travelers.

  1. Customization

Coming up with customized travel packages is now the trend. Gone were the days when the safe concept of ‘one size fits all’ still works. Today, customers are more demanding, with varied preferences on their travel. Thus, travel agents have to be flexible in giving their customers a more personalized travel experience.

  1. Think Global

The competition in the travel industry is getting stiffer because many companies are thinking global. This means that they are making use the advances that technology can do to read the preference of their present clients and retain them while extracting information about the preference of the competitors’ clients to catch them on their very own net. Every business in the travel industry should gear up towards catering both local and international customers by getting accustomed to various food preferences, religious practices and culture.

  1. Cost Down

With the numerous global business crises that happened since 2000, many companies and consumers had already been cautious on their spending. Economic recessions paved the way to a more conservative spending but with a tougher business process that could survive those crises. Thus, taking some time in considering travel offer alternatives while offering more affordable travel packages, discounts and perks to travelers will greatly improve the business.

  1. Land Travel Potentials

Traveling by land is mostly cheap compared to buying airline tickets. Travel agencies must look at this reality and find some means to make the traveling by land more convenient and comfortable. Careful weighing between the prices on air and land travel should be done along with what these modes of travel can contribute to the efficiency and productivity of the traveler. Providing alternative routes, traffic alteration schemes and access to information while on travel could serve as the business’ asset.


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