Figuring the Costs of Real Estate Portal Development

Are you still trying to decide if having a real estate portal development for your business is good for you? Well, here is a fact – 1/5 of the real estate searches are conducted on handheld and mobile devices.  The thriving competition in the industry of real estate is rapidly growing like never before. You should really know it better if you are in a real estate business.Making decisions is already a part of our life.  Though a lot of our everyday decisions consist more than our daily routine, having to make choices is important to living a life that’s productive. This can be applied to you.

Feature – Real Estate Portal

Main Features

  • Add, edit, remove or edit categories
  • Agency profile creation and management
  • Property management
  • Sections of site management
  • Automated Document Management
  • Patterns site
  • Billing Options
  • Managing Member
  • Online facilities of filling registrations form/ signup
  • Search all Listings of the properties
  • Bookmark jobs
  • Selections of the desired properties
  • Email to admin/sells office
  • Forgot Password options
  • Payment Plans and Options for Job Postings
  • Automatic access upon registration

Feature for Real estate agents

  • Agent / Owner rating system
  • Integrated messages
  • Account password recovery officer
  • Edit / modify / delete user’s profile

Feature for Brokers

  • Create multiple user name
  • Managing agent profile
  • Add, edit or delete categories
  • Listed by agent
  • Show listings posted by agents

Lead Generation & Management

  • Get buyer leads with our Home Finder form
  • Get seller leads with our Home Value Request and Sell Home Request forms.
  • Get renter leads with our Rental Finder Form
  • Assist buyers in the relocation process with a Relocation Form
  • Lead notifications are sent via e-mail

If you are a real estate expert who’s looking seriously to engage customers this year, we have got a good option for you. Here at Sparx BPO, we’re a professional real estate portal development firm that promises to develop you a high-quality portal that would help you stay updated in 2018. For only $$$$, it would only take 4-6 weeks to create the portal you’ve been looking for. The portal will help you easily connect with customers and streamline your business. So, what are you waiting for? Work with us now!

About us:

We are professional portal development company offering full-scale real estate portal solutions for simple to enterprise level clients.

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