On-Demand E-Learning Portal Development Cost, Features

Education is changing its face today with the availability of e-Learning courses. Students can reach any courses around the world with the help of the Internet and the e-Learning websites. Our on-demand e-Learning portal development services ensure that you have the features of an e-Learning portal that outstands and delivers to students exactly what they need.

On-Demand E-Learning Portal Development Key Features Include The Following:

  • Available online admission form which is the first crucial step allowing students to reach the courses available on the portal. This is possible by entering the learning management system.
  • Reports and data analysis are also available in order to ensure that each participant will get the most out of the education by changing the courses depending on research of the students’ behavior.
  • Available live feedback and assessment management with the help of quick tests and quizzes in order for students to pinpoint any of the areas that need to be improved.
  • Available to use student information management system in the e-Learning portal ensures that students can keep track of their tests and examinations, attendance to the course, performance and more.
  • Available quality content on the e-Learning portal so that it is easy for students to understand and use the portal for the various courses without having to spend too much money on the wrong courses.
  • Integrated easy to use payment methods that fit all of the requirements of each possible student on the e-Learning portal.
  • Continual motivation is provided to the students on the e-Learning portal with the help of specific motivational triggers which is absolutely necessary for more than half of the students on online courses.

The cost of the on-demand e-Learning portal development depends on different factors such as the required content elements, interactivity levels, instructional design, as well as alignment of the processes, required resources, rate allotment, and more. Each of these factors requires different number of hours of work which is why the overall costs can vary greatly from $30,000 to $100,000 and more.

To contact us for your portal development services needs, we help you to grow by developing online e-learning portal.

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