On-demand B2B Portal Development Cost and Key Features

The cost of the on-demand B2B portal development depends on the following factors which are all important for having high quality results.

Our services include development, designing, hosting and promoting full-service on-demand B2B portal development. The e-business is evolving every day and because of this we are here to help any business with its growth, distribution channels expansion, efficiency enhancement, and more.

On-demand B2B portal development key features include:

  • Available editing in real time of the content on the B2B portal.
  • Admin is able to post quickly and easily any events and news on the portal.
  • All announcements can be seen by the users of the B2B portal whenever the admin posts them.
  • A very high information and site search functionality in order to satisfy the need of every on-demand B2B portal.
  • Admin can assign any access rights to single users or user groups depending on personal preferences.
  • Corporate employees can enjoy the benefits of Intranet or Internet home.
  • Users can use the registration form easily and quickly in order to create the required accounts.
  • Easy to manage any of the content and documents on the portal.
  • The web hosting we provide is high-end and manages 24/7 customer support in order to provide high responsiveness constantly.
  • Our B2B portal technology support is there to ensure the comfort of each portal user.
  • An automatic business implementation is available as well.
  • Different technologies are supported such as XML, JavaScript, Web logic, PHP, and more.
  • Easy to use integration platform for the systems.
  • High functionality of the discussion forums so that customers can find quickly the information they need without waiting for customer support.
  • Admin can quickly and easily manage the structure of the B2B portal.
  • High functionality of the administration and the Back-end.

Costing for each phase:

  • Customer research in order to know your own customers – it can cost up to $$$.
  • Analyzing the buyers and their strategies – it can cost up to $$$.
  • The portal architecture – up to $$$.
  • SEO and copywriting – up to $$$.
  • The wireframe of the portal – up to $$$.
  • Web design and development – up to $$$$$.
  • Marketing – up to $$$$.

Get in touch with perfect cost and features as per your custom portal development solutions for your b2b portal needs.

About us:

A full-service portal development company offering end-to-end web portal development services for your business 2 business needs and our staff will provide you expert solutions.

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