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B2C Portal Development Services

A Business-to-Consumers portal is designed to enable web communication between the enterprise and its end-users as well as facilitate online sales. A B2C portal is used to build brand recognition, increase customer loyalty, expand the market and manage corporate reputation. We have over a decade of experience in developing interactive and engaging B2C portals. We build sound portals on the most suitable CMS or e-commerce platform as per your business requirements. Our affordable prices and customized design and structure give you high value and enhanced business performance.

We are an expert at developing job, fashion, entertainment, gaming, e-learning and all other categories of B2C portals. Our SEO team provides smart content solutions while our strategic marketing team gives expert guidance on the appropriate marketing tools for boosting the growth of your business. Whether it is an informative static website, an interactive and dynamic one or a full-fledged e-commerce portal, we are your best one-stop solution! get the best solutions for your B2C portal development requirement.

Our B2C Portal Development Services:

  • Trendy B2C Portal Design (UI)
  • B2C Portal Development with high quality Coding
  • B2C Portal Migration Solutions
  • B2C Portal Management by our Experienced team
  • Revamp your existing B2C Portal with fully featured and demanding functionality
  • B2C Mobile App (IOS & Android) solutions as per your demand.
  • Quality B2C Portal Testing by our Testing Engineers.
  • B2C Portal Maintenance and support with timely manner
  • B2C Portal SEO Services to increase sales and revenue.
  • Enterprise B2C Portal Solutions for big companies

B2C Portal Development Features:

    • Custom Design: Designs, both for attracting customers and for presenting the uniqueness of a business, is better to be customizable for B2C portal users.
    • Shopping Cart: Ensure accuracy and promotion of related products or services through an effective shopping cart feature.
    • Content Management System: CMS is an element that should be optimized in order to increase web traffic and have a wider reach to the global market..
    • Effective Admin Panel (Administration): Making a B2C portal easier for Administrators to maintain such would require a highly effective admin panel.
    • Catalog Management, Product Management and Category Management: Managing the details on products in catalogs while presenting them through effective tagging, editing, adding and deleting of categories is a helpful feature.
    • Inventory Management: Avoid product shortage or surplus through an effective inventory management that is present in a B2C portal.
    • Customer Management and Vendor Management: Let the producers and direct consumers have a meaningful exchange of information through the availability of customer and vendor management feature.
    • Secured Payment Options and Order Tracking: Delivery is essential to customers so a secured payment options and a real-time order tracking features will definitely function to satisfy these clients.
    • Simple and Advanced Search: Collating data every time a search is done in a B2C portal must happen as fast and as relevant as possible through the simple and advanced search feature.
    • Custom Reporting & Statistics: Knowing the health of a business relies on figures and data that appear in B2C portal reports generated with reliability and accuracy.

Why Choose Us for B2C Portal Development:

  • We have 10+ Years of B2C Portal Development Experience
  • Best in-class Quality Standard
  • Highly Experienced Developers
  • Successful ratio in delivering B2C Portal Development
  • Dedicated Team for each Project
  • 24/7 World-class Customer Support
  • 100% Confidentiality and Security
  • 99.9% Accuracy Rate on each Project.
  • Competitive Pricing Structure
  • Word-class Quality Process
  • Best Track Record in B2C Portal Development
  • We will provide you suggestion
  • Long-lasting Relationship with Clients

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Our Case Studies for Beautiful portal design, development, customization, maintenance and SEO services with unique strategy to brought results to the clients.

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Contact us to know more about our B2C Portal Development Services or mail us at info@webportaldevelopmentcompany.com


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