B2B Travel Portal Development Company

B2B Travel Portal Development Services

We are professional B2B Travel portal solutions provider company offering complete range of B2B features for your travel business. if you are travel business and want to require B2B business functionalities we will help you deliver exceptional solutions for your travel business.

Our B2B Travel Portal Development Services:

  • Advance B2B Travel Portal Design
  • High-Level B2B Travel Portal Development
  • B2B Travel Portal Migration Solutions
  • B2B Travel Portal Management by our Dedicated Team
  • Revamp your existing B2B Travel Portal with trendy Design and features
  • Easy to navigate B2B Travel Mobile App (IOS & Android) development
  • Fully B2B Travel Portal Testing by QA Team
  • B2B Travel Portal Maintenance Services by Dedicated Team
  • B2B Travel Portal SEO to increase revenue and traffics
  • Enterprise B2B Travel Portal Solutions with demanding features for big customers

B2B Travel Portal Development Features:

Non-GDS Flight Booking Module:

  • The compatibility of being able to have a list of airline inventory and their schedule makes a B2B travel portal potentially effective for those who are in search of low-cost flight booking for domestic flights.

GDS Flight Booking Module:

  • International flight schedule need not to be inaccessible. With this feature, booking online for international flights will be designed with a long list of flight options and from various travel agencies to deal with.

Offline Flight Booking Module:

  • Selling of tickets to all potential travelers worldwide require an integration of flight aggregators. This feature opens the capacity to connect to various downline agents and increase the capacity to sell tickets even offline.

Hotel Booking Module:

  • B2B travel portal is made complete with the integration of Hotel Aggregators. Whether through online or offline selling, hotel booking from one business to another is done with ease.

Commission Management Module:

  • Agreements on prices to be imposed to customers and travelers will be set with clarity while the efficiency of sharing the gains among agents can be automated through this feature. Pricing and mark-ups computation, along with the commission are highly considered to make the portal more attractive to sub-businesses.

Agent Registration Module:

  • Anyone who wanted to raise their interest of becoming a travel agent can easily register, comply with the requirements, go through the application process and determine the application status.

Agent Credit Limit Module:

  • There will be a wide option for agents to have their top-up through cash deposit, bank transfer and deposits and other payment gateways online. In this way, the booking process will result into a much more fast and effective one through the B2B online travel booking.

Multi-user with Single Agent Account Module:

  • With an advance system, User can already take multiple roles even with the use of just one account through this feature. Being an agent, a downline agent or the main supplier, this is made acceptable.

Agent Management Module:

  • Administrators will be given the capacity to control the specific details on the agents such as the credit limit to set, the user type to use, the activity status and the like. Sending of notification to the agents for concerns about password resets, blocking and a lot more is possible.

Agent Booking Management Module:

  • Bookings made by travel agents will go through the necessary verification to ensure authentic and reliable transactions in the process. Features like sending copies of bookies, exporting to file various formats and anything in relevance to proper booking are present.

Payment Gateway Module:

  • Any business involved in the B2B portal will have the capacity to integrate their preferred payment gateway, be it credit, debit, cash or other online means.

Advance Report Module:

  • Any relevant report that can possibly be generated for business decision making and monitoring is possible.

Third Party API Compatibility:

  • When necessary, third party API of flight and hotel booking can be integrated with the flexible portal design.

Mobile Friendly Portal Design UI:

  • The B2B travel portal will become flexible for viewing and access through various types of gadgets. This will make all transactions to be feasible to perform in mobile or desktop set-up.

Agent Support Module:

  • Agent support turned into 24/7 service is also included through the availability of Web Chat feature in order to thoroughly assist agents and other businesses on their inquiries and other support that they need.

Why Choose Us for B2B Travel Portal Development:

  • We have 12+ Years of B2B Travel Portal Development Experience
  • Best in-class Quality Standard
  • Highly Experienced Developers
  • Successful ratio in delivering B2B Travel Portal Development
  • Dedicated Team for each Project
  • 24/7 World-class Customer Support
  • 100% Confidentiality and Security
  • 99.9% Accuracy Rate on each Project.
  • Competitive Pricing Structure
  • Word-class Quality Process
  • Best Track Record in B2B Travel Portal Development
  • We will provide you suggestion
  • Long-lasting Relationship with Clients

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