B2B Portal Development Case Study

Case Study for well-known B2B Marketplace company to Boost their sales by 45%


About Company

Having noticed the capacity of furniture making industry in Peru to excel globally, E-Tech B2B Marketplace created an online B2B portal to assist small and medium-sized furniture making businesses in the country to make a global reach. With this B2B portal development, it has already enabled 150 businesses to increase in their size and export their products through the E-Tech B2B Marketplace Portal.

The Vision

E-Tech B2B Marketplace envisioned to keep on ushering small businesses into the global market. Thus, they started to expand their product lines from furniture to other production lines in the country. Opening a wider product category raised the need for the website to be able to:

  • Streamlining of business process
  • Accommodate wider search options
  • Effectively categorize buyers and sellers
  • Offer easy updating of product information and business profile to users
  • Easy to interact with buyer and seller

These challenges remained a problem for E-Tech B2B Marketplace until they came across with today’s leading content management system solutions provider in the country. Working with us turned out to be a challenge for our people but an opportunity for us to showcase our capacity to offer solutions to problems such as the ones identified by E-Tech B2B Marketplace.

The Step Taken:

With the brilliant minds on board, the project was handled by both people from the technical and business management side. We developed the proper categorization and indexing of products, vendors and customers. Added to this, the website’s user interface was simplified, removing the technicalities of it, in order to cater a broader market. With the use of PHP, MySQL, HTML and AJAX programming languages, we were able to organized the website’s server and client interface.

We deliver following features for B2B Portal

  • Complex pricing
  • Easy to use
  • Account On-boarding
  • Restricted Access
  • Flexible checkout process
  • Customer registration
  • Search
  • Navigation
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Customized Product Blocks
  • Reorder frequency
  • Customer Specific Catalog and Pricing
  • Quick order
  • Volume Purchase and Bulk Discounts
  • Customize photo
  • fast loading time
  • Easy Shipping Method
  • Click to call action
  • Sample Product Ordering
  • Multiple Pricing option
  • Negotiated Pricing Option
  • Order Tracking Option
  • Geographical location
  • Quantity of products ordered
  • Tax Option
  • Ability Bulk Order
  • Reorder Previously Purchased Products
  • Easy Payment option

The Results

Having served our clients with the necessary upgrading, it was noticed that more businesses are starting to register their interest to take part in the online B2B portal. The efficiency of the processes in business dealings resulted into an increased probability for suppliers to gain revenue through the portal.

  • Increased website traffic by 40%
  • Increased sales revenue by 34%
  • Reduced operational cost by 20%
  • Increase Brand awareness

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